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Out of Greece

On to Africa

sunny 33 °C

Our last day in Athens is invested in a little R&R and not a small amount of recovery from last night’s excesses. With Emma and D’ell heading back to London today, we meet for a late breakfast on St G’s famous balcony overlooking Athens. A few of us were suffering, and given the backdrop, this photo was fittingly entitled: "Monumental Hangover"!


Lloyd is off-loading almost 14 pounds of kit (clothes, some of the technology stuff) on poor Emma to cart back to London for us, in preparation for our journey to Africa tomorrow. We are taking a puddle jumper from Nairobi to the Masai Mara on Wednesday that has very strict weight limits of 15kg per passenger, and Lloyd’s kit was about 26kg upon departure! We’ll still be over, but we’d rather keep the excess to a minimum, as we don’t know how secure the ‘storage’ will be for excess luggage! In any event, his pack was too heavy and we’ve still got a long way to go!

The only thing I surrender is my running kit. Who am I kidding when I think I’ll run in every country? May as well get rid of it now and lose the guilt associated with shuffling it around my pack for the next five months.

And that’s about us up to date! We’re not expecting to have internet access in Kenya or Botswana, which could mean our next post will be from Cape Town, South Africa on the 3rd or 4th of August. If we’re lucky, we might get to upload some posts from Victoria Falls around the 25th July, but that might not be possible. So don’t send out the search parties until August….

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Misbehaving at the Panathenaic Stadium and a late night out

sunny 30 °C

After returning to the hotel in the wee small hours, we sleep late, and don’t wander lazily down to our now-traditional breakfast hang-out until about 11am. We love Café da Capo for its simple little sandwiches (smoked salmon, prosciutto/tomato/cheese, ham/cheese), good coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. Perhaps best of all, it’s self-service so we can avoid being put off by nonchalant Greek waiters. Brash pigeons scurry around your feet to catch your crumbs, as you try to strategically maneuver yourself to avoid being in the direct line of the Greek chain-smoker invariably sitting right next to you. But we wouldn’t change it for the world. For a moment, just a moment, we can forget we are tourists and observe the daily routine of ‘real’ Athenians.

Fueled, we leave Emma by the pool, and head out in the full heat of the day to visit the Panathenaic Stadium. It’s quite well known as the venue for the first ‘modern’ Olympic Games in 1896, but it turns out that games were held at the site since about 330 BC! That’s a very long time ago. Anyway, perhaps to protect it from the graffiti that has infected just about every other inch of Athens, the gates to the stadium are closed, and we are allowed only to admire the structure from one end. Not to be deterred by the Greeks clear desire to keep us out of the stadium, Lloyd and D’ell decide to host their own mini-Olympics. I’m happy to announce that no Americans, Brits or indeed Greek tourist police were harmed in the making of the following video.

We wander back to the hotel through the National Gardens which offer some welcome shade from the 2pm sun. The return to AC is too much for me, and I fall asleep practically within minutes while Lloyd backs up photos (the loss of the camera very fresh in his mind!) and sorts out some gear to send back to London with D’ell.

In anticipation of a late dinner, Lloyd and I wander to the nearby taverna to snack on Greek salad and tzatziki. We were here just two days ago, after our trip on the ‘funk’ular (funicular) to the top of Lycabettus Hill. After our feast (I just LOVE Mediterranean tomatoes), we start to head out the door, but are stopped by our hosts – two white-haired gentlemen – who are offering us some home-made baklava. To be honest, until this point, these two guys have been quite stern towards us, but now they are beaming with pride as they offer us a plate of baklava (not on the menu, by the way) and two forks.

Lloyd is in heaven, proclaiming it the best baklava he has ever tasted, much to the delight of our hosts. True to my commitment to be a little more adventurous on the food-front, I try it and can appreciate the crisp filo and sweet honey-nut dessert. A moment of kindness from our hosts that we will never forget.

We rendez-vous with D’ell and Emma close to 8pm, and head back up Lycabettus Hill on the ‘funk’ular railway. It’s a lot busier than it was the first time we were here (two days ago), with sunset looming and most of Athens bathed in the day’s last moments of light. With this red-gold filter, and from our perch above the city, Athens could be the most beautiful city in the world.


There are a couple of dining options atop Lycabettus and we are lucky to secure a table overlooking the city, where we enjoy a bottle of champagne and appreciate the sunset. Given its location, we assume this is a tourist trap, but the food is surprisingly good. Tonight, the Rapsani (wine) is going down particularly easily, and we surprise ourselves by ordering bottle #3 before dessert! Even better, our first bottle apparently depletes the supply of 2001 Rapsani, and the next two bottles are 2000. Lloyd and D’ell are convinced that the 2000 is superior. For my part, after a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine, I’m not quite sure I can tell the difference.

Hangover, anyone?

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On Losing Stuff

Day 7 Tally: Lloyd – 3 Jacquie – 0

So, we lost our first semi-important piece of kit yesterday with the loss/theft of our back-up Canon digital camera. It’s almost funny as we had only just spent a painful 40 Euros to replace the battery charger that I had inadvertently left in the UK (Mum, do you have that, by the way?). As our scuba-diving camera, we also have an underwater housing for it which is clearly now quite useless.

Anyway, this brings the running tally to three for Lloyd, who misplaced the (admittedly inexpensive) watch purchased specially for the trip and also his baseball cap. I’m sure I’ll catch up with him in due course…

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